A leisurely drive from Miami.  Take LeJeune Road south to 836 west.  Take the Florida Turnpike and drive south to where it ends at US1 in Florida City.  Follow US1 south along the 18 mile stretch to the Florida Keys or take the scenic route via Card Sound Road.  Once you are in the Keys, US 1 becomes the Overseas Highway and is marked with little green mile markers.  They begin in Florida City at MM 127 and continue on to Key West at MM 0.


The Keys Shuttle serves the Florida Keys, Miami Int'l Airport, Marathon airport and the Key West airport.

and you can rent a car 1 way if you need through Thrifty Rental 305-852-6088


Sail through America's Caribbean.  All Channels are well marked.  Marinas abound.  And dock space is readily available.  Or you can travel to the Florida Keys by high speed ferry service from Ft Myers Beach. 


Amtrak will take you as far south as Miami, and from there you can take the Keys Shuttle.


Down here in the Keys, the Overseas Highway is like our Main Street.  And the best way to get around is to know the mile marker of your destination.  These little green signs that dot our highway every mile begin just south of Florida City with number 127 and run all the way down to 0 in Key West.  They're like our addresses.  If you know the mile marker of where you're going, getting there is easy. Don't forget to ask if it's bayside or oceanside!


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